After many years on both sides of the business, Michael Middleton and Janet Sender still run jump backed up on the business side of things by Brent Sender.

In an ever changing landscape of multifaceted media offerings, jump still operates as a traditional production company. All the film making rules and discipline in shooting that have applied to the huge body of work over the years, still apply in their modus operandi.

Michael is a classic director who loves doing performance work. He has an extraordinary ability to extract amazing things on camera from ordinary people. He shoots all of his own work so he is a director/DOP. In his spare time he is a prolific stills photographer shooting magnificent landscapes and observing the passing parade of people with a eye for composition that truly is a gift.

As a team the two work to produce work that answers the advertising brief and therefore delivers a well thought out proposition for their clients.

Michael draws his films out and every frame that he puts down appears in the end product. He thinks in moving pictures which is a another rare talent!

These boards enable this team to budget keenly and to deliver what they have promised.

Most of all with a tightly knit, dedicated team of freelance crew around them, they still love doing the work which is probably the most important part of all.
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